Prodcenter facilitates company innovation, in person and remotely.


The launch of your Prodcenter continuous improvement system is immediate. 0 instalation or technology costs. Create your coordinators accounts, then your Thematics, and give them a tour on how easy it works. Voilà! All set to make a presentation to your staff and start receiving improvement ideas.


Let ideas flow. The New Idea Form has 8 types: Delight customers, New product/service, Improve product/service, Increase sales, Reduce expenses, Improve motivation, Improve security, and Other.


Ideas are grouped by Thematics that may correspond to your departments, projects, etc. Each Thematic has a field to define its objectives. Thus, you can converge the creative thinking of your collaborators towards current needs and viable solutions.


Each idea has a space to value its profitability or/and its disruptivity. Coordinators can roughly calculate the return on an idea (ROI: Return On Investment). The ROI h: the net hours saved thanks to the idea. The ROI €: the savings or net income obtained thanks to the idea. The disruptivity of an idea is rated with stars from 1 to 5.


To retain your employees and keep them motivated, you must implement a recognition program. Prodcenter provides you with a collaboration ranking. The commitment of your staff beyond routine work must be a part of the company culture.


Carry out a basic diagnosis to know how the components of your Prodcenter continuous improvement system are being used. Evaluate the results and collaborations. Soon we will add a Technology Preparation Level test.


Use creative workshops or meetings to generate disruptive ideas. You can focus the creative thinking on an important problem, a product or service to improve, the vision of the company, etc. Use divergent creative thinking, and then convergent thinking to reach viable solutions.


Naturally, not all ideas are valid, and some are dismissed by the coordinators. But an idea discarded today can be revived in a future context. It is advised from time to time to review the discarded ideas. Perhaps there are some visionary ideas. Who knows?

Remote Work

Share ideas, improve, follow the progress, check the results, from anywhere.

And much more…