“ To better organize the creation of my startup, the consultant who is coaching me recommended we use Prodcenter. I must admit that as a novice in this field I was quite curious about the usefulness of this platform. But discovering its features enlightened my mind. My head is already buzzing with ideas, so I needed a way to figure out my project in a professional way and Prodcenter did it. And it allowed us to work remotely from Spain and France. ”

Sandrine SerouyaEntrepreneur of LOVEDELLE'S Box

“ Our consultant has successfully reoriented several key approaches to our business, improving results and optimizing internal productivity thanks to the Prodcenter platform, with which we have been able to measure crucial aspects of the business. ”

Pep AlbalatProject manager, digital marketing, artist booking, event production

“ Through the Prodcenter platform, we receive an agile, precise and extremely useful consulting service to guide and strengthen the strategy of our startup. In addition, with the use of Prodcenter we have the possibility to measure the productivity of the project, accelerate strategies and organize in a better way the departments. ”

Aline NoyolaPhD in Economic Policy

“ When I discovered Prodcenter I was struck by its potential. I would say that it is more than a tool for the development of ideas, it is the implementation of a business culture where the values of collaboration, continuous improvement and creativity are the basis of organizational action.

It helps and encourages collective intelligence and collaboration, empowering teams and making them participants in the development of the company. ”

Cova BertrandCoach & Trainer Sales School, Cova Method

“ Prodcenter is the easiest and most effective tool available to improve productivity, involving all members of the company’s teams, oriented towards the same objective of obtaining the best economic results.

Throughout 32 years of my own experience, I have not found a tool of this type so simple and practical, to achieve results, through well-directed action, and monitor its indicators, so simple to handle and at the same time deep in the field of improving productivity. ”

Alfonso González MadanDirector | LMI – Islas Canarias