Accelerate and measure change

Prodcenter encourages ideas and structures its management for productivity.

Get a proven process, use agile technology, and innovate your business for impressive results.

“Excellent firms don’t believe in excellence – only in constant improvement and constant change.”

– Tom Peters

In your company the staff has a process for routine work but does it have an agile process for continuous improvement? Ideas and money are lost every day. Prodcenter helps your collaborators share improvement ideas for the diferent areas of the company, participate in their implementation, and consult the evolution and results.

Innovation must be systematic


It cannot be something exceptional, but must be integrated into the work processes


Solutions to societal or business problems


20% idea y 80% execution

Change culture

Prodcenter facilitates your company innovation, in person and remotely.


The launch of your Prodcenter continuous improvement system is immediate. 0 instalation or tecnology costs.


Let the ideas flow, 7 types of improvement. Now more of you are thinking about how to improve the company.


Create themes, define objectives, converge the thinking on profitable solutions.


Value each idea, in hours saved, euros saved or gained, or disruptivity.


With the collaboration ranking, define recognitions, motivate your employees.

Remote work

Share ideas, improve, follow the progress, check the results, from anywhere.

“Innovation is a social process, which requires discipline. Let’s set goals, portfolios of ideas with specific temporal objectives. Let’s set up systematic creative meetings to generate those ideas.”

– Xavier Ferras