Prodcenter enables business innovation and change in the era of the intelligent cloud. Its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

To implement in companies a culture of continuous improvement where the engine is the generation of new ideas and innovation.

Our Values



Prodcenter allows you to quantify and realize the value of your ideas.



Innovation is a competitive advantage and Prodcenter empowers companies to develop it by empowering teams.



Agility is one of the basic pillars of Prodcenter; simple, easy and quick access so that no idea is left unrecorded.



Allows all staff to see the evolution of ideas, generating trust.


Initiative and collaboration

Prodcenter encourages the generation of new ideas by each and every member of the company, empowering them and making them participants in their development.


Active Listening

Prodcenter allows to value the knowledge of the employees in the form of ideas, listening to them actively and giving them the place they deserve.

Why resort to expensive market research when you can extract all the knowledge and experience of your members?



Facilitates the implementation of staff incentive programs to attract and retain talent.