Fequently asked questions

What permissions do the roles have?

Permissions accumulate with the user role.
– Colaborator:
register ideas and comments, see the process and results.
Responsible: edit ideas under his responsibility.
– Coordinator: add users, thematics and objectives. Validate new and achieved ideas. Asign a responsable. Assess and see the ROI.
– Administrator: manage coordinators, delete users and ideas.

Is there a limit to the roles?

No! You can add as many Coordinador and Administrator roles as you want to your Collaborator users.

How to use Thematics?

Group the ideas as you prefer: departments, projects, clients, etc. Each Thematic has some optional objectives and at least one coordinator.

When and who receives notifications?

Notification by email with a direct link to the idea.

  • New Idea: notification to the coordinador of the thematic.
  • New/Change Responsable: notification to the new responsable of the idea.
  • Achieved Idea: notification to the coordinador of the thematic.

new notifications will be added as needed… 

Who to put as collaborators of an idea?

It is recommended to register in the Collaborators field of an idea: the author, the participants and the responsable. So everyone gets the recognition.

Who can edit ideas?

The responsible of the idea can edit it, as well as the coordinators. The date and name of the last edición is indicated.

What is the ROI?

The ROI is the Return on Investment of an idea, an estimate of its annual profit. ROI data (calcul, h, $) is optional and only visible to coordinators.

Who better to put as Coordinator?

Put a profil who is dynamic and at ease with figures (to value the ideas).

How does the Community help?

Maintain the spirit of improvement! The account administrators get help, share successes, and create synergies in our Facebook group. Weekly Questions/Answers sessions with our Specialist Mentors.

What happen if a user or theme is eliminated?

Deleting a user erase his user account but not the ideas related. Likewise, when a theme is eliminated, the related ideas are not erased.

How to add users?

Here you can share a link where your collaborators can create their user account pending your approval. Your company must be registered, active, and with free user. Also, on your account’s Company page, you can create users one by one.

How users are counted?

We only count users with active status.

How to recover my Password?

Go to Sign In and click on (forgot?)

Do I have to pay for updates?

No! We give constant updates to our software and you get everything for free automatically displayed in your account!

Can you handle the volume of data?

Yes! Prodcenter is hosted on the world’s largest cloud cluster (Amazon, CloudFlare Security, CDN).

Who owns the data?

Any content and user is 100% your property. At any time you can download a file of your data ( .csv , .txt , JSON ) or delete your account.

How do I change plan?

The account Administrators can change plan at any time at the Company page of the account.

How do I end a subscription?

Prodcenter is flexible. You can easily cancel your account with no strings attached. There are no cancellation fees: start or stop your account at any time.

How to suggest an improvement of Prodcenter?

On your company Account page, we provide a form to send us improvement ideas. The improvement is continuous.