The most important commitment we have is to the security of your data.

This commitment affects every part of our product, our infrastructure and our corporate policies.


Encryption means that your data is encoded in such a way that at first glance it looks like a gibberish.

For example, if you’ve encrypted this phrase, it might look like this:


Any encrypted data must be decrypted to be read. By encrypting your data, we ensure that only authorized parties (it is you!) can read it.

Bank Level Encryption – We use SHA-256 and AES-256 encryption, the strongest encryption available.

This is the same level of encryption that banks use.

Encryption at Rest – We encrypt all data stored on our servers.

This includes both the logs stored in our databases and search indexes and the files and images you have uploaded to your Prodcenter.

Encryption in Transit – Our platform is fully encrypted so that each request to view or update your records automatically encrypts that data in the background.


Think of backups as a permanent safety net for your data.

We store several copies of each change made to your database in multiple locations and also offline.

Whether you accidentally delete a single record or your intern deleted the entire database again when you’re not looking, you can find a backup and restore it.

Restoring from a backup is free for corporate and superior plans.

Manual Backup – Prodcenter includes an export feature so you can back up your data at any time.

This will give you a file of all your data in diferent formats: .csv, .txt, JSON.

Redundancy – If a database fails other databases on the same server or in other geographic locations, they will pick up the workload.

We store a physical backup in a separate location of the servers as final protection in the event of a major catastrophe.

Encryption – These backups are performed daily and encrypted using AES-256 encryption keys.

This means that even your backups will be completely secure and reliable.


We use Amazon Web Services to enhance everything Prodcenter has to offer. As a Prodcenter customer, you inherit all AWS policy best practices, architecture, and operational processes.

Amazon Web Services is the industry leader in cloud services and is trusted by organizations such as Dow Jones and Pfizer.

Amazon Secure Data Centers enable redundancy and scaling that is equivalent to a secure and reliable service for your Prodcenter data base.

DDoS Mitigation database – AWS provides a robust platform that is not only prebuilt to mitigate some attacks, but also allows us to react quickly to spread the impact if there is an attack.

SOC 3 & ISO 27001 Certificates – Prodcenter is automatically certified for many stringent security standards by using AWS as your infrastructure.

Firewalls – We use firewalls to protect all virtual servers, databases, and load balancers to ensure that only authorized traffic accesses those resources.

App Features

The Prodcenter app has the same level of security attention as the database, so you can be confident that the platform you’re using is secure.

Additional security features, such as user logins, password, and sign-in restrictions, are built into the application.

Password Protection – Prodcenter is protected with a password that is encrypted twice and hashed with a salt, to prevent dictionary attacks. You can configure several logging options to add new users.

Roles & Permissions – Assigns roles for users and they will have their corresponding permissions. Each Prodcenter page is authorized for specific roles.

Data Encryption – All data displayed in the application and updated back to the database is encrypted and secured with SSL.