As a business owner, you are always looking for ways to gain a competitive edge. One way to do this is to ensure that your employees have the best possible instruction. Differentiated instruction is a method of tailoring instruction to meet the needs of individual students. However, you may be wondering if this is the best approach for your business. After all, traditional instruction has served businesses well for many years.

The answer lies in a balance between traditional and differentiated instruction. A blended approach incorporating both methods will provide your employees with the best possible instruction. Let’s take a look at the learning pyramid to see how this works.

The Learning Pyramid is a model developed by Noel Entwistle in 1972. It shows different levels of learning, from low to high. The idea behind the learning pyramid is that different activities require different levels of engagement and commitment from learners. For example, listening to a lecture requires very little engagement from learners, while doing independent research requires a high level of engagement.

The learning pyramid also shows that different activities result in different levels of retention and understanding. For example, listening to a lecture results in very little retention and understanding, while doing independent research results in a high level of retention and understanding. The learning pyramid is a useful tool for educators because it shows the importance of engaging learners in higher-level activities.


The Learning Pyramid is a model that can be used to guide instructional decisions. It shows that a balance between traditional and differentiated instruction is ideal for businesses who want their employees to have the best possible education. Differentiated instruction provides employees with customized instruction that meets their individual needs. Traditional instruction provides employees with essential knowledge and skills that are necessary for success in the workplace. When these two approaches are combined, businesses can create an environment where employees can thrive.